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Recognize this man? It's of course Scott Brinker!

He's commonly known as the godfather of Martech.

He's famous for producing the Martech Supergraphic each year.

You know, the monster infographic of all the different martech tools out there!

Well one of Scott's latest endeavors is No Code, and what he calls the age of the "Marketing Maker",

i.e. marketers like ourselves who make stuff and very often have to get hands on with campaigns, websites and even automations.

He's even started a No Code graphic (oh no!!!).

You can read more about Scott's take on No Code tools for marketing over here.

So what? You may be asking...

Well, remember when marketing automation first came in, and we all had to learn how to use it?

It wasn't exactly the smoothest of experiences!

To this day, there's definitely stuff about marketing automation that marketers don't need to know about.

And then there's the stuff we do need to know!

So what's #MarketingNoCode?

#MarketingNoCode is a community being built by marketers, for marketers.

It's a place where we'll be able to go to ask the stupid questions, share ideas and get feedback on everything No Code.

So if it's knowing how to spin up a mini campaign Intranet in Notion, or setting up a workflow that automatically sends info from a Google doc to HubSpot.

The #MarketingNoCode community is where you'll find help!

So... whether you're:

- An Enterprise Marketer who's been through the pain of marketing automation but has no idea what No Code is.

- A Startup Marketer who's already played around with a bit of Zapier or Adalo.

- Something in between.

The point is, it doesn't matter.

If you're a marketer with even a passing interest in No Code and you want to find out what it's all about...

Then this community is for you.

Join the community

It will be a safe space where we won't feel judged.

Where we can skill up on No Code without the prying eyes of bosses or other departments.

Where we can complain about why No Code is no better than what came before it - or maybe it will be, who knows!

Let's find out together!

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